We’re delighted to let you know that Ofgem has approved the Stage Gate report for Future Billing Methodology (FBM). This means the project will now go ahead to Phase 2.

The Stage Gate was put in place to make sure there was sufficient industry appetite for potential future change to the way gas is billed, and support for the FBM field trials. This green light recognises the importance of reviewing the current billing methodology to maximise the potential of diverse gases on the network.

A word on Phase 2
We are now finalising the detailed plan for Phase 2 – the project field trial.

The field trial will include in-network sensors and flow monitoring. These will provide information for the modelling of CV zones for billing, as well as the smart metering laboratory trial. Alongside this, we are continuing to work with Xoserve and National Grid Gas Transmission to provide clarity on the potential impacts of CV zone-based billing on current systems and processes.

We will continue to share information with you as the field trials progress.  If the trials are successful, we look forward to an open and active industry conversation that will inform the final project cost-benefit analysis, and the recommendations for implementation that fall into Phase 3 of the Project.